March for Science/ Happy Earth Day


Wow, I’ve been watching the speeches from the DC March for Science this morning, and it’s truly inspirational. Bi-partisan, positive, and actionable. It’s streaming on facebook (Washington post) and on DemocracyNow. I’m sure you can also go back and watch it.

I’ve had to make a hard decision about what to do with my Earth Day, and as much as I really want to get out there for the March for Science, my local school community needs me for our school clean-up, (I organize the school gardens). Tough call! But ‘think global, act local,” right? Some slogans never go outta style.

My son and I ARE ‘participating virtually’ via the following picture… we are Ms. Frizzle and Arnold from ‘the Magic Schoolbus,’ and we are ‘marching’ for science on social media!

Also below (on web for email subscribers) is my final day 14 of 14 “March For Science” sign concept. Let me know what you think! And if you can, get out there!

Parting thought for day 14 of 14 brainstorming signs for the #marchforscience taking place tomorrow, 4/22, all over the world. So often we hear that science (or technology) will save us. 'We'll invent something." But we've invented a lot of amazing things, and we still find ourselves in a pretty good bind. Helping ourselves out will REQUIRE science, but will also require incredible human coordination, cooperation, and forethought… All at a scale and level of abstraction vastly beyond our evolutionary EQ. The discourse around the #sciencemarch gives me hope, because it is demanding that our social system listen to, fund, balance, and participate in science. I hope this is the dawn of social systems that are up to the challenge of helping science save us. #dos #climateaction #peoplesclimatemarch

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