Turning Momentum from People’s Climate March into Action: 2 Year Carbon Diet


Day 28 of 28 brainstorming signs for the #peoplesclimatemarch #peoplesclimate #climatemarch #pcm. Today’s theme: pivot or perish. After 28 days mulling over the hazards of climate change, I want to turn momentum into action. I started work today on some exciting plans for a #2yrCO2 diet campaign, to take us from 2018 to 2020. If we could demonstrate an intentional, collaborative slowing in CO2 emissions over this critical period (we just hit 412 ppm CO2 at the Mauna Loa observatory this week, and we believe 350 ppm or less is safe…), it would be the signal that we really do have what it takes to be the owners of the future. But we must pivot toward reductions NOW. Our governments may lag, but we don’t have to sit idly by and let this critical moment for humanity pass away. Stay tuned for more!

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