February 9, 2017
by cablackmar@yahoo.com

#TheIdesOfTrump: Send Postcards March 15

#TheIdesOfTrump I made this postcard to mail. Prepare to flood the WH with these, March 15! pic.twitter.com/vbr4iTND3m — Senorita Gitana (@Gitana_East) February 8, 2017 Update: Printable pink slip postcards available!  Desktop print versions are here.  Commercial (FedEx Office) print versions … Continue reading

February 8, 2017
by cablackmar@yahoo.com

Monday Sabbath (Forced and Fair)

After years of drought and an El Nino year last year when ocean temperatures were so warm that a wall of heat prevented expected rains from reaching California, we have been blessed with water this year. The whole land is … Continue reading

December 30, 2016
by cablackmar@yahoo.com
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Miracles do Happen: How my baby helped me achieve my 2016 New Years Resolution at the 11th Hour

It’s a bit unfashionable to talk about last year’s New Year’s resolution at the end of the year, when we’d rather gaze starry-eyed at the novel hopes we have for the year ahead.  I (like everyone) am a chronic breaker … Continue reading