Printing How-To

Instructions for printing postcards from home from a *Windows* computer. Printing always requires some trial and error– but I hope this helps.

1. Click on image to go to PDF file.
2. Download file (or save into your file structure). Open the file as a PDF.
3. Go to ‘Print’
4. From printer menu, select “Properties” (see circled button in below image)
5. Two important things you should do for good quality postcards are to adjust the print quality to “high”, and print the document double sided, again, the buttons are highlighted.
6. After you print the first page, you will be prompted to re-load the paper in your printer after flipping it, as shown in this menu. DO NOT FLIP THE PAGE HORIZONTALLY AS SHOWN, just flip 180 degrees vertically. This should help the postcard info on the back come out ‘right side up.’

Instructions for FedEx Kinkos

I’ve created a shared FedEx Kinkos Account that you can use to print postcards. You can also use your own FedEx account and follow the below instructions after uploading your file. I have to say that I think the FedEx iphone App might be the easiest way to go. You just need to have the file saved somewhere in the cloud ad you should be able to make that work.

1. Go to: and click “Log In” in the upper right hand corner.

Username: sparrowpost Password: WeWillRise1.21

Once logged in, go to the drop down menu under “My Online Documents” and select “Oder from my Online Documents”.
All the postcard documents are saved in a “postcards” file.

02 folder list

2. Select the file you want to work with and click “Set Print Options.” If prompted, select “Set Print Options” in the next dialogue box (not “Edit File.”)

3. You should then be able to specify the details for printing and add the document to your cart.

-be sure to set black and white if you are concerned about $$– color printing costs at least $2/page.
-set the paper type. For postcards, click the SECOND option under papers for ‘card and cover’ papers. For postcards, I like the first option– ‘Ultra Bright White Card’
03 paper type

-Set the document for double sided printing as shown
04 Double sided

4. You should then be able to ‘Add to Cart.’

5. IMPORTANT: ADD SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS and type in ‘pay in person’– this will prevent you from having to enter your credit card information to pay online.

5. Check out: make sure to list yourself as the ‘pickup’ contact, and put in your own phone number/email. It should’t save.

6. You may be contacted by FedEx regarding your special instructions– just say you are making postcards and confirm that you will pay in person.

I hope this works for everyone! Good luck.